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Black Hairstyles

Male celebrities rockin' black styles.  Black men do not use relaxers to damage their hair. You can see the versatility of what you can do with natural Black hair. African American Hip Hop  R&B Artists....check them out!

Ludacris hairstyle no. 1
Ludacris rockin' Afro Puffs!

Ludacris Bio

Name at birth: Christopher Bridges

Ludacris is the stage name of Chris Bridges, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who became a video and radio star after the success of his 2000 album Back for the First Time. Bridges began his career as a radio DJ in Atlanta, where he was known on the air as Chris Lova Lova. His self-produced record, Incognegro led to a contract with the Def Jam South record label and was remade into Back for the First Time. He second release, Word of Mouf (2001) was also a hit, and Ludacris rose in the ranks of young rappers in radio and MTV rotation

Usher hairstyle no. 1 Usher Keeps It Low and Lined

Usher Bio and Interesting Facts

Name at birth: Usher Raymond IV

Called an "R&B teen dream" by Rolling Stone, Usher was only 15 years old when he released his self-titled first album in 1994.

Chris Brown Low With a Cap

Chris Brown Bio

Chris Brown is a teenage R&B music sensation. 

He's 16 and on his way up. Bow Wow may have competition for the hearts of the girls, although Chris Brown's a singer not a rapper, and in a few years Brown could be a new Usher. Hooking up with red hot hip hop producer Scott Storch on your first record is one of the best ways to score a hit out of the box. "Run It!" should do well.

Chris Brown doesn't hail from one of the established hip hop centers such as New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles. He's a small town boy from Virginia. As such, Brown has the opportunity to carve his own direction in the crowded hip hop world. We'll have to wait and see whether he does. For now, enjoy his take on being a hormone-charged teenage male, and don't miss the video that accompanies "Run It!" The breakdancing is great to watch, and there's a fun little twist in the end.

Beautiful Braids
Kanye With Lines to Make A Maze

Kanye West presents The Lost Tapes(mixtape) Collector's Edition

Kanye West is an African American Hip Hop Artist, Musician, and Poet.  He always has different hairstyles.

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