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African American Prom Hair – Curly Ponytail Style

Written by admin on Monday, August 20th, 2007 in Black Hair.

African American Hairstyle - Prom Hairdo for Medium HairThe beauty of this style is that it is extremely versatile.  You can actually make the curls as large or small as you would like.  Instead of pinning medium curls in a circle around your ponytail, you can actually let the curls fall in loose tendrils from the center of your ponytail.Or you can make very small curls that you pin at the back of your ponytail in a soft waterfall effect.

The great thing about this style is that you can simply move the ponytail back or forward on your head and then adjust the size and placement of the curls according to your tastes.

Both of the two models above and to the side have very small tight curls carefully arranged from a ponytail at the back of their crown areas.  

The curls are arranged more towards the direction of the neck rather than towards the forehead.  The model at the top has also pulled out a few wisps of hair to form tendrils while the model to the side has added a small jeweled rhinestone tiara to decorate her small collection.

Both models show how versatile the very same basic ponytail can be.  You can make large curls, small curls, add tendrils or jeweled headbands or jeweled tiaras.  The choice is yours and depends on the dress that you have selected and the image you wish to convey.

African American Prom Hairstyles: Secret Discoveries

Written by admin on Monday, August 20th, 2007 in Black Hair.

Black Hair Prom HairstyleHey girl!  Are you ready to make your debut at the prom?  You know your hair has to be on point!  So let’s look at some ways you can make an entrance and have perfect hair for the perfect party pics!

First of all, black people know how to take care of their hair.  We are always styling our hair with the latest and most unique hairstyles.  And the rich texture of African American hair allows for numerous styling options.  Black hair is the only hair on the planet that can wear multiple styles.  If it weren’t for your black hair, you would not be able to wear cornrowns, twists, dreads, afro, jheri curls, relaxers, wraps, updo’s, ponytails, french braids, and more!  Just think about it!  God gave black hair the advantage of never being boring.  Black hair is a lot of fun to style for a formal occasion such as a prom. This hair type also, due to its coarse texture has the amazing capacity to really hold a shape allowing for many exciting and varied looks.

One classic option is along the lines of a traditional Marcel wave. This is done with a

Black Hair African American Prom Hairstyle Updo

heated iron, and the hair is first smoothed and gathered in curls close to the scalp. This gives a very elegant 1930’s feel. It is very sleek and streamlined and compliments almost any ensemble. The hair can also be augmented with decorative accessories such as jeweled barrettes or hairpins. This look works best on shorter bobbed hair or longer hair that is gathered at the nape.

Another traditional option for a sleek look is to have hair straightened with a heated flat iron to give a uniform smooth and shiny texture. Hair can then be gathered and pinned up in an up do. It might also be worn smooth and straight. You might want to consider a simple elegant headband, or a jeweled tiara, with the hair caught up in a simple bun, or twist at the crown of the head.

Another great choice is a classic French twist with the bulk of the hair gathered at the neck. This gives such a glamorous, yet simplistic refined look. Hair can be heavily pomaded for shine, or also dusted with a glittering powder in a metallic hue. For a more playful look, you may wish to play up texture. This leaves so many options open. The hair can be braided throughout, and adorned with beads. It can also be parted and partially braided and flat ironed for an interesting combination of texture. Curls can be played up with an iron, creating smooth thick ringlets all over the head.

Another option is crimping the hair with an iron, or braiding while wet and then leaving in over night. When the braids are loosened, hair will have a light crimped texture that can be primped up with a spray to boost volume. This works best for finer hair, and can give a wild and full on wild disco queen look. Hair can also be teased out and shaped to create fullness, and height. For a dramatic diva look it can be pulled up and gathered at the top of the head in a high twist reminiscent of the 60s. Faux pearls really play up this look well, simply pinned throughout. You might also wish to augment the hair with the addition of a hairpiece.

A great idea is to simply gather all the hair together at the crown, pin it and then attach a piece that is a simple fall or ponytail. A straight ponytail works great with the addition of a braid anchoring it. The natural hair is braided around the hairpiece, and it creates seamless length. This looks quite elegant. {Think classic Madonna or Josephine Baker} Temporary coloring is also an option, using various glimmer powders and or sprays to create texture and light play. These products are available at a local beauty store. Hairpieces that are a complementary color can also be added for contrast and drama.

It’s your night to shine so play it up! Allow yourself to be creative and playful! This is your ball after all!   And remember that as soon as prom is over, African American hair can be whipped into the next style so that you can show up the next week looking like a diva all over again!

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