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There is a crank dat for everything!

Visit the link above to check out our growing list of “crank dat” videos inspired by Souljah Boys song.

We will keep a list of all the “Crank Dat” songs and dance moves right here:

Crank dat souljah boy
Crank dat Roosevelt
Crank dat Ralphie
Crank dat Spiderman
Crank dat Grandpa
Crank dat Jumprope
Crank dat Lion King
Crank dat Roadrunner

Black Kids Rock Band

Written by admin on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 in Music.


An interesting name for a rock band, they are called Black Kids.

They are from Jacksonville, Florida.

 Their myspace page is:

Band members are:

Owen Holmes
Kevin Snow
Dawn Watley
Ali Youngblood
Reggie Youngblood

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