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Prom Checklist – Make Sure You Are So Fresh and So Clean

Written by admin on Monday, August 20th, 2007 in Prom.

Off-to-Prom Checklist

download list here 

Ready to go to the biggest event of your high school career? Well if you are,

here are a few reminders before you head to the prom.

? Date- Make sure your date is reliable and someone you.d want to spend a

whole evening with.

? Date.s Outfit- Should complement yours

? Dress- Hopefully, been looking months in advance. Try on as many

as possible to see which one suits your body type.

?Alterations/Fittings- If you need extra help with your dress, search for a

good dressmaker. Some upscale department stores, as well as some

neighborhood, family-owned cleaners, will do alterations.


Accessories- The basics

? Shoes- comfortable, for hours of standing and dancing

? Bra- fits properly, conforms to backless/strapless dresses

? Jewelry- necklace, earrings, rings, hair clips

? Purse- small and correlates to dress

? Corsage- Can.t go to prom without it!

? Purse Essentials

? Mints or gum ? Money

? Lip gloss and powder ? Safety pins

? Feminine products ? Clear nail polish

? Needle and thread ? Dental floss

? Hair pins ? Spot removers

? Cell phone ? Pain relievers




? Hair- A professional stylist is always best; make an appointment

early in the day.

? Nails- manicure or pedicure

? Waxing- eyebrows


Tickets- Who.s buying them?


? Ride- Confirm reservations if renting a limo or car.

? Your Wheels-If taking your own car, make sure it.s sparkling.

download list here

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